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Experienced and Professional Consultancy Services

Una Hogan is a Health and Safety Advisor with a background in working with businesses and public sector organisations.

Experienced and Professional Consultancy Services

An experienced and professional Health and Safety Consultant with 15 years experience advising business owners and managers on workplace safety.

Una has a wide range of experience across the Public, Voluntary and Private sectors, with a background in the Local Authority Sector, Public Services,Social Care and Homeless Sector.

Experienced in Warehousing, Transport , Ergonomics and VDU Assessment.

Una is a highly respected Consultant who teaches in the Centre for Safety and Health and Work in UCD.

Una offers training and briefings for Senior Managers, Safety Representatives and workers.

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Specialised experience in the Social Care and Voluntary Sector


Social & Residential Care


Leisure & Hospitality


Safety Auditing

Office Safety

Specialist Training


As an experienced and trusted provider of occupational health and safety advice, training courses, management and compliance expertise and services my support will assist your organisation to assess and manage your risks, freeing up your own managers to focus on the business.

I cater for a wide range of sectors, micro-enterprises, SMEs and large organisations, across Dublin, Leinster and throughout Ireland, providing expert advice and sector-specific safety audits and inspections.

I can operate as your outsourced Health and Safety Officer or as an independent advisor to compliment your existing in-house Health and Safety function.

I have over 15 years experience working with voluntary, public and private organisations across all sectors of industry and have been a Tutor and Lecturer in UCD’s Centre for Safety and Health and Work for over a decade.

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